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Didactic Commentary: Krakow – Communism 1945-1956 - City development

1. Using the given examples, explain the following terms:


- “Kombinat,

- the People’s Republic of Poland .

2. Implementation order of materials:

The teacher will first introduce the information included in the text entitled “Information Text: Krakow – Communism 1945-1956 – “Kombinat” Nowa Huta”. The source materials provide additional knowledge on the situation of Nowa Huta workers. The presented poster helps students understand the ideological sense of the industrial development of the city.

The next text entitled “Nowa Huta Housing Estate” complements the already presented information. This particular part draws the student’s attention to the social aspects of the city development. The main text presents general and objective information and is supplemented by the resource materials depicting the emotional attitude of the author towards the Soviet authorities.

The group work will stimulate students’ additional interest in the presented subject. Students may prepare a history lesson about Nowa Huta. The topics suggested below the source materials, or students’ own ideas, may be the subject of the lesson. This kind of homework may turn into a bigger project. The project may be presented in various forms: as a written text, photography project, slide show, lecture or a short play.

A day trip to Nowa Huta and visiting the Nowa Huta branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków (the “History of Nowa Huta” exhibition, Słoneczne 16, Kraków) will summarize the project.

3. Educational objectives:

After reviewing the given materials, students will:

- familiarize themselves with the social status of the kombinat worker,

- understand the motives of the Soviet authorities constructing the socialist industrial complex,

- assess the Soviet policy towards the inhabitants of Nowa Huta and Kraków.

The material helps students consciously realize:

- the fate of workers-inhabitants of Nowa Huta,

- the fact that the new city was, in fact, a tool of the socialist policy of ZSRR towards Kraków.

The information about the situation of Nowa Huta workers and inhabitants, and about the ideologization of the city and “Kombinat” development constitutes the base for accurate assessments and detailed analyses of the presented problems.

4. The useful Internet links: