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Didactic Commentary: The 16th Century, Vilnius as a Multicultural Center - Law

While answering the question “Why the right of City under Magdeburg Law, which originated from the German land Saxonia, was important also for the other towns in Poland and Lithuania?”, it is recommended to use independent Internet search. We offer to use also some publications in the Internet in English and German, which are presented below. 


Some words about Town Law


Governing of Vilnius


Magdeburg Law



Lokation in Polen



Wohin wurde Lübisches und Magdeburger Recht exportiert?



Magdeburger Recht und Sachsenspiegel



Clausdieter Schott. Sachsenspiegel und Magdeburger Stadtrecht: Impuls und Fundament der Rechtsentwicklung in Europa




An extract from the source, which is connected with whacking, makes some opportunities to discuss the question concerning the use of physical punishments formerly and now. Here we could notice that in many countries in the old times the physical punishments were tolerated or even legalized.



Keywords: Law of Magdeburg, juridical sphere, codification, privilege, transformation, Statute of Lithuania.