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Worksheet: The 16th Century, Vilnius as a Multicultural Center - Law

1. In what languages the privileges and other legal documents for Vilnius city were written?

2. What aspects of city life have been regulated by these legal documents? (It is enough for the answer to follow a short description of each document).

3. Why the right of City under Magdeburg Law, which originated from  the German land Saxonia, was important also for the other towns in Poland and Lithuania?

4. The words „guiltlessly beats” are cited in the source. For that the victim could call up the court. Has the husband the right to beat his wife and children if he is sober?

5. And what could have happened if a townswoman and her children would be beaten for misbehaviour or criminal act?

6. Do you think it was permissible to beat „for guilt” in the 16th century?

7. Was corporal punishment against an offender legal in other countries?

8. Was bodily injury, i.e. cutting off nose, ear or lip allowed? Or cutting off a hand or part of it in case of a captured thief?

9. And what about the present? Is corporal punishment permitted in modern European legal systems? Are there any countries of the world where corporal punishment is a legal penalty?

10. Is it legal to use corporal punishment on children, for example, pull the ear or beat with a belt or cane? Does it help to discipline children? What is your opinion?

11. Do you know where Magdeburg exactly is? Why it had so big influence to the development of cities of Middle East Europe? Can you make mention of some cities which have got rights of Magdeburg?

12. XVI century marked progress of law in Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In this century were codified three Statutes of Lithuania. Do you know some others law codices which were published in Europe in XVI century or before it?

13. What convey such a great and rapid codification of law and roundly change of juridical situation?