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Information Text   Source Sheet   Worksheet

Didactic Commentary: Krakow – Communism 1945-1956 – The policy of the communist regime

1. The presented material includes:

- information text,

- illustrations,

- source materials with questions,

- didactic comments.

2. Implementation order of materials:

First, students will read the information text “The governmental policy,” then progress to the source materials. Questions 12 and 13 require extra knowledge and a wide variety of skills.

3. Educational objectives:

- drawing students’ attention to the fact that the Soviet occupation started immediately after the German forces had left Kraków,

- emphasizing the methods and tools of suppression (repressions, intimidation, arrests, trials, terror, death sentences) used by the communist regime to control the state’s political apparatus and force the society into complete submission and obedience,

- highlighting the importance of the Underground Army, political leaders and the society in their fight against the regime,

- shaping the ability of independent conclusion making, active reasoning, cognitive discovery and justifying one’s choices.

4. Working methods:

- work with the text (information text, source materials),

- for and against argumentation techniques (positive and negative sides of communism),

- competition (the best letter, the most convincing arguments),

- assessment of the archbishops’ letter (group or individual work, the assessment should be adequately justified),

- group work.


- the teacher is responsible for choosing the work methods best suited to students’ skills, level and interests,

- questions 12 and 13 require extra knowledge.

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