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Didactic Commentary: Krakow – Communism 1945-1956 - Social realism art

1. The subject "Social realism art" consists of two parts:.

Text 2 provides information on social realism architecture. The characteristic features of the buildings and their photographs are presented. Numerous Polish housing estates look similar to Nowa Huta, that is why students should be informed where this particular building style originated.

2. Level of difficulty:

The texts can be used both in gymnasiums (An academic high school in some central European countries, especially Germany, that prepares students for the university. and lyceums. The terms listed below the text should be explained in detail.

3. Implementation order of source materials:

Source materials can be implemented as required, no particular order is compulsory.

4. Forms of work:

Students private photos can also be used – numerous socio-realistic architectural monuments are still present. Using Internet resources and students’ own materials, as well as creating artistic works and own architectural projects is recommended.

5. Additional information may be found at: