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Information Text   Source Sheet   Worksheet

Worksheet: Krakow – Communism 1945-1956 - Literary Krakow

Questions to the Infotext:

1. Which influence did the government have on the writers?

2. Characterise the assumptions of social realism beliefs and attitudes towards arts.

3. Which function had the tenement house in Krupnicza Street 22?

4. According to the texts and your knowledge answer the following question: Why the government was that much interested in subordinating arts, with a focus on literature?

Questions to the sources:

1. Which information about the Wawel Hill in Krakow is given in the lyrical poem about the Wawel.

2. Why Tadeusz Różewicz wrote a poem about the tenement house in Krupnicza Street 22?

3. Which fragments of the poem „Ręce sprzątaczek” emphasize its propagandic character?