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Information Text   Source Sheet  Worksheet

Worksheet: Kraków - Komunizm 1945-1956 – Architektura

1. Describe the starts of Nowa Huta housing estates (Infotext).

2. After reading the information text, describe the characteristics of social realism architecture and show them on the photos of Central Square.

3*. You are an architect. Design a housing estate.

4. Describe the characteristics of social realism architecture according to the photographs of housing estates (source material 1, 2 and 3). To which former architecture style social realism ties up to?

5. Search on the internet as well as at your place for housing estates which are similar to the ones on the photographs. Describe the advantages and the disadvantages of living in these houses.

6. What do you think of social realism housing estates? If you had to create your own house, which aspects would you adopt? Find arguments for your decision.