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Didactic Commentary: Vilnius 16th Century - Education

While discussing the question concerning the highest sacral building in Vilnius, several aspects of material’s analysis are possible. The topic is opportune in architectural aspect, though thereby makes brilliant opportunities to show the meaning of the church, the order of monks Jesuits in the sphere of education in the early modern history.

While exploring the biographical facts of the professors of Vilnius University, it is possible to reveal better the international character of the University since it’s establishment.

More information concerning the history of Vilnius University you can learn from an issue in English language: <>

It is also recommended to download for review a short (5 and half minutes long) vivacious video film in AVI format:

 <>. There is trying by the modern means to reveal the old spirit of of Vilnius University as the sanctuary of science, relating it with today.

With the Jesuits a topic is connected, for analysis of which an extract from king’s letter concerning the establishment of schools in Vilnius city is presented. This topic is opportune while discussing the run of reformation and counter-reformation in 16th c.  

An issue about teacher’s rating and a punishment imposed for this, presented in the end, is interesting not only for understanding of past, but allows to consider easily also the status of a modern teacher, his prestige in the society, to discuss the contemporary relations of a teacher and his pupils.



Keywords: Vilnius College, college, Vilnius Academy, academy,  printing house, educational system, chancery, Petrus Roysius, Abraomas Kulvietis, Ethnic Group, Chancery of the Grand Duke.