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Didactic Commentary: Krakow – Communism 1945-1956 – The summary of the German occupation

Using the text, explain the following terms:

- the German occupation,

- the General Government,

- conspiracy,

- ghetto,

- deportation/expulsion of people,

- Krakau.

First, the general information from the text “The summary of the German occupation” will be introduced. The source materials provide the detailed study of the German terror policy towards the Polish population, and they widely broaden the general knowledge on the subject. On the basis of the presented information, students should:

- understand the essence of the occupation reality,

- understand the determination of the Kraków Underground members in their fight against the occupying force,

- be able to assess the German occupation policy towards Cracovians.

The basic text is general and objective. The source materials are the authors’ emotional testimonies describing the Nazi policy and the situation of the Polish population. They help students realize:

- the real scale and dimension of the Nazi terror, and the situation of the civil society,

- the meaning of the independence fight of the Underground forces.


The full version of the source materials can be found at:

Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List” may be an interesting addition to the main subject. In 1993, the quarry “Liban” located in the vicinity of Kraków was transformed into a film set. Until today, metal constructions and barbed wire - the remainders of the set - may be found there. Nowadays, the “Liban” quarry is a tourist attraction.

A discussion on patriotic attitudes of the Polish youth and the answer to the question “What does the word “patriotism” mean in the vocabulary of a young Pole?” will summarize the discussion.