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Didactic Commentary: Vilnius 1655, Russian Invasion - History of Everday Life

It should be noted, that the first task has no direct connection with the Muscovite occupation in 1655-1661. Though, it is related to the everyday life of the 17th  c. The Kaziukas Fair originated in the 17th century. We have chosen to include the material about Vilnius’ fairs with the intention to reveal the bright side of the 17th century. These traditions of the fairs of Vilnius are carried on until today.

English language speakers might have problems if they face the text about the training of dancing bears in German. See:,,,,,,,AB13029E362345FDE0340003BA17F124,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.html

For this reason we suggest to use online translators. We offer several suggestions, but there are a lot more.

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As the translation practice shows, the automatic translation is fast, but also full of mistakes. Though it is very interesting, that separate automatic translators make mistakes in different parts of a text. Thus using several online translators it is possible to get several versions of a text. While comparing and correcting them individually  it is possible to compose a fairly correct text.


Keywords: Nobles, Fire, Capital, Occupation, Bribes, Treasures, Tsar.